Onlyfans definitely gets some attention!

 From I've been saying that I'm on Onlyfans I've a lost a few hundred followers on my main phantom planter Facebook page.

And the posts on it have a attracted many negative comments from people who seemed to know alot about life story and phantom planting antics, these are people that have been reading all my previous posts in depth and have never commented once before as I do read nearly all the comments and show my gratitude and if its a negative comment I just give them a hug.

But it just shows you how many people are reading your posts with venom, just waiting until you put a foot wrong then give off.

Then they announce they're departure commenting "Unfollowed."

Look guys I'm really not going to lose any sleep over it and its certainly not going to distract me from my mission and soul purpose. I very rarely give my attention to negative comments on here or even get in a debate with. I would much rather give my energy and attention to people who are supporting me or asking questions about phantom planting. I dont understand people on here at times, they get 100 nice comments of support then they get one few bad ones and they let themselves get sucked into debating with them.

I'm still happy though for anyone out there who got their knickers in a twist over my posts to help yourselves to some free fruit of my phantom planted trees, you know I've been setting up a free food map, help yourself.

If you want a bit of advice though, maybe try and read things on here that you like and enrich you, that make you feel good and uplifted. I catch myself on doing it too though, reading peoples posts on here that I despise, so I know where your coming from. There is an art to happiness and it takes practice. Goodluck!

And many of you that unfollowed I bet are still reading my posts, I think the thought of a Buddhist tree planter setting up an Onlyfans page is just too hard to stay away from.

Its definitely generated some chat out and about for me, the amount of people that have came up to me and said your on Onlyfans?? Or "well Mr Onlyfans"!! This can only be a good thing for phantom planting, bringing attention to the trees!

The same people spitting their dummies out saying unfollowed I bet have never shut up about it, some Buddhist he is they'll be saying, now he's getting his kit out on Onlyfans!!

Which couldn't be any further from the truth, there'll be nothing explicit on there at all. It's just me trying to generate an income so I can plant more trees and there are many on here that like to see my topless pics and thought this would be a good place to show them.

Why not give me a follow sure and see for yourself what I'm putting up?



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