2 More Apple Trees Phantom Planted!

Out yesterday with the phantom crew planting another 2 apple trees in the centre of the estate!

One of the neighbours and a good supporter of the page has been out trimming around the other trees as you can see the rings around them in the background, he also brought us out coffee, plums and pretzels, thank you man it was just what we needed!
Remember guys keep your phantom planted trees nice and tidy so the councils dont have a problem, making it easy for them to cut around, give them no hassle at all!
I dont ask anyone for permission, my rule is keep 5 metres away from a road and make sure no overhead lines and you must maintain and take care of the tree!
I'm not out to rub anyone up the wrong way, I just believe planting orchards in the middle of our housing estates is a great way to get kids knowing about where our food comes from and uniting communities, its also giving people an interest in nature and helping with mental health!
Its also a great buzz going back to look after the trees and an even better buzz when other people in the community take an interest in the trees too and come out and look after them!
I've tried asking permission in the past from local councils for planting fruit trees but you know what they're like sometimes, but lackadaisical!
You want to do something in life, just do it! Fall forward not back! Dive in feet first right at the deep end, you'll learn much more faster!
I will fund my own tree planting revolution and do all the work, felt like a begger talking with councils in the past, not me!
I will put my money where my mouth is!
So far most of the councils have been sweet though, who would have a problem with fruit trees growing in our streets!
Have a good one guys..
Peace and love....


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