Bartering alternatives phantom style

Every week I buy wild rice and honey, 2 foods thats believed to never go out of date, should these be the real commodities to barter with?

I'm up for that, how many eggs for 100 grams of wild rice, how many spuds etc have fixed bartering prices, keep the rice vacuum packed, if you want to eat it do so, if you want to cash it in for some of that paper stuff or a bank digit flog some if you really needed too!

Wild rice is full of protein also making it one of the few foods we could probably survive on solely, washed down with some honey water and I'll still be doing handstands in Narnia what ever happens in this crazy world🤣

Even the Pharaoh's got buried with honey and jars where found in the pyramids still intact, still full of all that goodness! says it all!

I had all the riches in the world once at my feet, I had a realization that if the sh*t ever hit the fan which history does tend to repeat itself I could not eat or drink what I spend my life accumulating, I was also in no fit state to even know how to survive as I had bought myself that many addictions I had destroyed my body, mind and soul!

I'm making my own way in life, making my own insurance policy😎

When we strip it all back there are only a few things we really need in this life!


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