The Evergreen Holm Oak Tree!

I remember when I first started to want to learn about trees, I never even knew what an Oak tree was so I decided to check out all the parks, forests and estates asking around what type of tree is this and so on!
I thought I'd worked out a few then I seen a tree in Tollymore forest and asked the forest manager what type it was, he said its an evergreen oak, I was baffled!
An evergreen oak that doesn't loose its leaves or have an oak shaped leaf, I thought to myself whats going on here, I dont stand a chance learning about this tree stuff
The way they relate trees is with its seed, an evergreen oak is also called a Holm Oak, looks nothing like an oak tree but its seed is an acorn just like the normal oak!
I asked many stupid questions around these fancy arboretums with my bald head and strong Belfast accent, I know it seemed odd and looked out of place to these tree hugging folk asking questions and often pronouncing many words wrongly but all these years later I've learned lots and still learning and this education has strengthened me as a person, made me more confident in every day life!
I've also reconnected my soul back into its true home in the process, its been there the whole time waiting for us all, nature is a healer!
I run through life for too long in the rat race not knowing where I was going or what I was doing, chasing concepts that are sold to us, all exterior and no interior, much in the window but nothing in the room!
Having to intoxicate myself daily because I was broken inside, I was nothing, my life was exterior meaningless crap!
He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever!
I was always good at this, asking silly questions and putting my foot in it but when I look back over my life the biggest mistakes I ever made where bridges to somewhere new!
Now I can spot a Holm Oak tree a mile off just like this beauty in the pic!
Have a good one guys..
Peace and love


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