Me and Wee Betty Out and About!

What a day me and wee Betty had yesterday, had a delivery up near Castlerock beach so we went for a swim and did some yoga on the beach, we then swung past Slemish rock and I had to climb it barefoot!

This is my favourite mountain for climbing barefoot, it is believed Slemish is the place where Saint Patrick found God!
I've said before I feel something spiritual from this place, once I went into a trance like state and felt like I floated up it!
The Slemish area is also said to be the oldest human settlement in Ireland and its surrounded with some of the oldest Faerie trees I've ever seen!
I done a post on Slemish before and a lady commented saying that the rock has such a high crystal content in it which could be one of the reasons why there is an energy to be felt from it!
Maybe thats what attracted the first humans and Saint Patrick!
Who knows but this is a magical place and what a day we got for it yesterday, bit of meditation basking in the Sun at the top was a perfect ending to the day!
We dont need half the stuff thats sold to us, not even shoes, that's what I was thinking yesterday, we are required to wear shoes for work but we have to work to pay for the shoes to go to work!
I got turned away from a place once because I was barefoot and I hear your not allowed to drive a car barefoot either, so we have to work to pay for shoes just to drive a car to go to the shop to spend more money we just worked for!
Lots of things dont make sense to me in this life, I fell for the toys and tinsel thats sold to us, worked my life away to gather dust gathering life stealing junk.
Now I live in a tiny cabin that cost me the middle part of a doughnut (as my big Glaswegian pal says) nothing really interests me anymore that society tries to flog us, its a novelty!
What do I care about status now!
Seeking status had me a nervous wreck, rotting to the core inside!
I care more about how I feel within these days!
Now I have way more time for life, owning my time has been the most valuable asset yet for me!
Have a good one guys..
Peace and love....


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