From Spain to Belfast Phantom Planting!

 Phantom planted another apple tree yesterday with my big glaswegian pal who is over visiting!

He couldn't believe the size of the orchard now!
Last time we planted a tree was years ago in Spain, 2 plum trees we phantom planted out there, sadly they didn't survive but we had great fun doing it in the lashing rain right outside the Buddhist Stupa as you can see in one of the pics, an offering to the Buddha was my intention!
I was at the worst of my addictions back then, used to visit this Stupa a lot for spiritual guidance, really found myself out there, spent a lot of time in Spain soul searching, taking advantage of the cheap winter flights and free stay!
I had my last ever pint at the airport after praying at this Stupa, the Buddha responded to my offering I believe!
Pretty magical really, faith in a higher power guys, that did it for me, there's more to all this life, more to all this all this world!
"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it"....
Have a good one guys..
Peace and love


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