Blackberries are Ripe Now!


The Blackberries are ripe and ready right now everywhere!
So important to eat all this on our doorsteps, wild, organic, seasonal foods full of all sorts of immunity boosting qualities to see us through winter!
As always when taking from nature you got to become a phantom planter too, its a deal you got to make with mother nature!
Dont have the Paramili-Trees coming looking you!
Give back what your taking, in fact giving back 10 times more, learn and read up what to do with the seeds, fruits and nuts that are starting to appear everywhere on our landscape, so much information around these days and its an amazing thing to do with your time and life!
Nature is just the coolest thing on this rock and its there for us to play with and explore!
Dark clouds hang over many of us, it hung over me for years with bad habits and negative thoughts!
What I have learned from the path I'm on is that its a practice to make ourselves right, we got fill the drawer with other stuff and one day there will be no room for the old habits in the drawer!
We cant stop and transform overnight, thats impossible, our head and minds will blow!
I got great comfort in hearing this message from Big D once that transforming our lives is a simple practice that we must actively do with conviction everyday, like going to the gym and training our bodies, we must train our mind and life with new habits!
Whether it be a simple 10 min walk in the forest or doing some stretches as soon as we wake, things grow from here and we can keep adding to it!
Fill your mind with nice thoughts, watch inspiring stuff, if what your watching and hearing is making you anxious and fearful cut it out of your life!
10 years ago I was literally falling apart now I'm doing handstands!
Drop by drop we can purify and strengthen!
I got a new hobby I'm starting tonight, going to the forest to cut myself a Bo Staff from a hazel tree, with the fairies permission of course! Hazel is my Ogham birth sign and my Bithday is on Thursday too, nice little touch!
Going to master the art of the Bo Staff, I picked up a stick the other night in the forest and my old band pole playing days came right back at me, there's something about swinging a stick around!
Lots of stuff out there to do, we just need to open out minds!
Have a good one guys..
Peace and love❤
🌿I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place🌱


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