Original Irish Yew Tree!

After seeing the magnificent Yews at Crom Castle I headed over to Florence Court at the other side of Enniskillen to see the original Irish Yew tree!

Crazy to think all the the other Irish yews around the world came from this tree as a cutting, the seeds from this which the tree had on it yesterday would just grow back into a common yew so to maintain the shape and genetics you have to take cuttings!
The Irish yew grows more upright, same as the ones you would see in church grounds and the common English yew can grow all shapes like the ones in the post I did yesterday, they really do have a mind of their own in the way they grow!
I remember stumbling across this Irish yew years ago when me and my son went for a trip to Jampa Ling, we stopped off at Florence Court for a walk and I knew nothing about trees then, I couldnt even have told you what an oak tree was but as we walked around the place I stopped and looked at this tree and said to my son, that one looks odd, theres something about that tree, it called me in some way, made me stop to admire it, then my son seen the signs telling what it was all about!
Strange all this tree and nature stuff, the more I learn about the underground mycelium network and how trees talk to each other, send nutrients down the fungi pathways to other trees in need is quite mind blowing to be honest, why wouldnt they communicate with us!
Life is magical, we are just to far caught in the rat race to even stop and connect to whats happening in nature, people think I'm away with the Faeries, I would agree!
Way better to be a way with them than what I was away with in my earlier days, the Faeries are great craic unlike our constipated world!
Soon as I landed in Florence Court yesterday the lady said there is an apple tree pruning and maintenance talk being given in the orchard in an hour, more magic and synchronicity, you couldnt make it up!
The walled garden here has nearly all the native Irish varieties of apples, what a place to visit and if you go now you can eat some of the apples straight from the tree!
Thank you to all the guys down there, I learned lots of new tips for the Phantom Planters HQ and I also got spotted by someone there, thats a few times this week people have stopped and said are you the phantom planter!
Ah well guess its all part and parcel of being the middle man for the trees and the Buddhas delboy, sold everything from a shoelace to a double decker bus and now I'm selling a new way of life!
Have a good one guys..
Peace and love!
I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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