‘They Haven’t Gone Away You Know’

Never mind paramilitaries, the world needs Paramili-TREES!

Think this picture would make a good Mural somewhere in Belfast!

My belief and one of the reasons I wear a mask is because I feel for kids in working class areas to get it touch with nature it has to be cool, they have to think they're getting up to mischief in some way!
When I grew up in a loyalist estate I looked up to the hard men, not the hippy tree hugger, if I seen the hard men out planting trees, I would have thought that to be cool.
Should I phantom plant at the Loyalist and Republican memorials?
Get a memory tag for both sides, I really think this would work here in Belfast, I've planted blood of the Boyne apple varieties in Loyalist area play parks and left the tags on and no one has went near them.
I watched a documentary before about Gerry Adams being a tree hugger, he said it kept him calm, he must have made the rest of his party do it, nothing seemed to rattle their cages when talking on TV. Also heard Gerry is a phantom planter too!
Come on Gerry if you read this, join the phantom planters group and show us some of your work!
This island needs trees and trees are part of our culture, our heritage, it should be compulsory for every one to plant a native tree here in my opinion.
The ancient gaelic alphabet "Ogham" is based on trees, the calendar is based on trees, unreal it's not publicised more!
I've often thought about our roundabout's here, so much money wasted planting flowers, rip them out, plant more and do the same again.
I think every roundabout should have a single native tree planted, given its place in our society, I think it would look really cool just to see one massive Oak, Ash, Yew and so on at each roundabout, one town could have all theirs done in one type of tree and another town with something different.
Or mini native forests at the larger roundabouts, I think this would look much better than the balls at the falls, millions spent and what a load of balls, going to rust and rot. A massive Irish Oak tree there would be amazing.
Come on Gerry your the man to get things like this rolling!

Have a good one guys..
Peace and love!
I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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