A gift from the Yorkshire Paramili-Trees!

Check out the Laughing Buddha gift the Yorkshire Paramili-tree Branch brought me over!!!

It is said to be very lucky if someone gives you a Buddha as a gift and its also said to be double lucky if next to Lord Ganesha which was also given to me as a gift! (Lord Ganesha is the elephant statue in the pic).

This Buddha gift sits just perfectly in my shrine room, everything you see on my table was gifts from someone, gifts with good energy, thoughts and intentions behind it.....

Had a great day yesterday with the Yorkshire Paramili-Trees, showed Brian and Criag around the phantom planters HQ then brought them for an Ulster fry, not very often I eat one of these myself but I always do treat myself to one when I bring oversees guests for breakfast, they are hard to beat though!!

We then spent the rest of the day in Belvoir forest showing them the oldest oak tree on the Emerald Isle and many more special hidden gem trees all around the phantom HQ!

We are so lucky here in Belfast to have so much forest, heard once that we are the only city in the world to have a proper forest within the city boundary and this is most likely due to the troubles here in Northern Ireland as our wee country never really got developed like the rest of Europe as no one really wanted to come here until around year 2000, we didnt even have big supermarkets here until then, If it wasn't for the troubles here no doubt all these woodlands would have been ripped up and developed!

But one good thing is we have the best city forests in the world and now with the rise of the paramili-trees and peoples love for nature these ancient woodlands in the heart of Belfast are here to stay!

Anyhow thank you guys for coming over and for the lucky Buddha and also for the 2 fruit trees too, so glad yous came!

Brian and Craig have an amazing energy about them, great attitude to life and hardcore campers too,  they are down deep in the forest now. Think I'll learn a thing or two of these guys....

#paramilitrees #phantomplanter #yorkshire #bradford

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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