Another Phantom Planter on the Rise!

 Another Phantom Planter on the Rise!!

Walking through the phantom planters HQ yesterday and noticed at the bottom of the orchard some sneaky phantom planter has planted 2 fruit trees, possibly memorial trees as they have added some rocks with names on them!!

I like how they have put them down at the bottom of the orchard and not really affecting the other fruit trees for spacing etc!

Nice phantom planting who ever you are, thank you for your contribution to the Belvoir Memorial Orchard, please do go back and help yourself to some mulch over at the side to put around your trees!!

I love how this is really taken off, dreams and imaginations are a very powerful and magical thing, I visualised this for years that one day I would see people out phantom planting fruit trees and its manifesting before my eyes more and more every day!

Our thoughts, speech and actions are our choices in how we use them in this passing world, its up to us what we reach out and connect too, its up to us what we tuned into, in reality how we use these tools will make or break our life's path!

I thought for years there should be fruit trees in all streets and estates for everyone to have free food, I talked about it non stop too, then I acted upon it and here today after a bit of enthusiastic planting and chanting all my dreams and expectations are happening all over the world!

Be mindful where your directing your attention in life, I know the negative and destructive places I've directed mine in the past and it had infected and corrupted me!

We live in a hologram of vibrating atoms, anything is possible, first time I heard this it blew my mind, but its true, maybe our minds are the movie makers, our eyes the projector and the world is the film playing before us, who knows!

Magic what ever it is and we get to live and experience it!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters #paramilitrees

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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