Another Phantom Planter on the Rise!

I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago about another sneaky phantom planter who planted 2 fruit trees down at the bottom of the phantom planters HQ which were nicely positioned too in not affecting any other fruits trees at the orchard.

I had said in the post to go back and help yourself to the pile of mulch at the side of the HQ and put some around your trees and they have went back incognito again to do just that, Brilliant!!!

Every time I see another phantom planted tree about the estate it makes me laugh, in fact I'm seeing trees everywhere I go these days and I just know they are phantom planted, even laughing writing this!

It's all growing and branching out like a tree perfectly, eyes and ears everywhere updating me on how trees are doing, the other day I got a video sent to me of a couple of plum trees I have in East Belfast just to let me know they are in flower, this lady who sent me the video has also phantom planted a lot of fruit trees next to these earning her a Leaftenant promotion!

It's like its all building up to be something special and its all thanks to you guys!

When things are for the community, backed by the community and including the community, these types of grass roots movements are unstoppable!

For me its the best reason ever to exist knowing that I'm playing my part in helping boost community spirits and doing my bit for mother nature

Never mind what them Looney Bins are doing at the top, they are lost in a world of ego and self importance, its what we are doing down here is what matters, the community is the soil of society and its up to us what seeds we sow!

You may be poor in money but never be poor in spirit.....

#paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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