Fairwell to the Yorkshire Paramili-Trees!

Thats the Yorkshire Paramili-Trees away back home now, had an amazing week with you guys,  brothers from another mother alright!

Yesterday I took them to walk barefoot in Narnia and I also got both of them hanging upside down from a tree by the waterfalls, we got up to some really cool stuff the past week and it was a real pleasure having you guys, thank you for taking the time to come over and visit!

These dudes have given me an idea that I've never done before, for the past few nights they have been sleeping under this massive Himalayan Cedar tree in Belvoir forest, which is one of my favourite trees to hang out with and they have been sleeping under it on the ground in just a sleeping bag and no tent or cover as under this tree stays bone dry!

This is next level soul cleansing stuff for me breathing in all that pure fresh air all night, any wonder these 2 dudes are lit and full of life and inspiration, I can see with my own eyes what mother nature is doing to these guys, its not all woo-woo stuff all this tree hugging talk, nature is a healer and its our disconnection from it thats driving society insane!

Although the constipated ones who rule the ratrace would have you think its the tree huggers who have lost it, they just want you consuming, buying, working, self gratifying, keeping our heads melted!

We come from the earth and we will go back to the earth and in-between we are meant to live in symbiosis with mother earth, not as a parasite, me personally I dont fancy returning to mother nature one day in debt to her, I was always a gambling man and this is one gamble I dont think is worth taking, no one else is going to tell me what to do with my soul, I dont care if these lunatics who run this asylum that they've turned the world into try and tell me different, so much soul pollution is normalised in society!

Time to level up on a personal basis, get phantom

planting them trees guys and start to pay your debts back to nature, you know it makes sense!

Anyhow fairwell Yorkshire paramili-trees, safe trip and I'm going to miss yous. 

#phantomplanter #yorkshire #communityspirit #paramilitrees

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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