God has got the Glowsticks out!

Isn't Mother Nature just class, love the cherry blossoms!!

We are here to contribute to this miracle of life and live in symbiosis with it on a personal level, not take from it!!

I believe how we interact with the world around us determines our life path and the next life also, so much madness is normalized in our world, right from birth we are educated parasites using mother nature as the host, ultimately keeping us in a negative state of karmic vibration, then we're really easily controlled and manipulated!

All part of the plan and finely tuned if you ask me!

I mentioned in a post the other day which got alot of attention and it was to do with our leading ecologists and that they have been educated in universities that are paid for and funded by our capitalised system, the very way of life thats destroying mother nature!

I take it back when the post came across like all ecologists I was referring too when I said what chance do we have when our ecologists are working for and educated by a capitalised system, there are many good ones out there that I know that are working with mother nature and not against it and I didnt mean to tar you all with the same brush!

But many of them out there in my observations are more economists rather than ecologists, many of the top ones are educated in a way to profit from mother nature rather than working with it or to maintain and conserve some type of landscape that is completely unnatural with one I seen that took great pleasure in pulling out self seeded saplings like oaks and other types as these were seen as weeds to them as it did not fit in with they're man-made zoo like landscape!

The world needs trees more than ever, if we leave the world alone it all reverts back to a forest, they keep saying we need native woodlands but everywhere they keep cutting down trees and uprooting natural self seeded trees!

Even our mountain ranges here in the UK and Ireland are completely unnatural, they are overrun with sheep and they eat every last bit of tree life that tries to grow, then they have a cheek to put a sign up saying " you are in an area of outstanding natural beauty"!!!

This makes me laugh, the more you delve into the world of nature and see the antics that much of these Latin speaking brain boxes are getting up too is rather baffling, many in my eyes and opinion are working against nature and not for it, they are there to understand the ecology of how to make money from it!

They say the earths soil level is degrading rapidly and if we have no soil we have no life, I heard a very interesting opinion from someone that lives in nature, a wild soul who is engrossed in mother nature daily not learned about it in a university and text book and they said that right now we need anything to grow and maybe all these invasive species that are taking over is natures way of creating biomass, they are fast growing and over time will create more soil faster than any other type of vegetation, natures species like everything else in this world is impermanent and its our attachment to impermanence that creates suffering!

I think nature knows best what to do dont you think?

Rise of the paramili-trees - UTPP up the phantom planters!!!

Anyhow guys natures light show is in full swing, God has got the glow sticks out, absorb the magic thats happening all around us!


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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