Hanging for fixing shoulder problems!

 Something I'm really passionate about prompting is physical health, I go out of my way every day telling people in the gyms and out and about the benefits of stretching and basic body movements like hanging and squatting, the 2 things that our homo sapien bodies are perfectly designed to do and with us not doing them and living the way of society our bodies are becoming crippled like mine was for many years!

We are made to be hanging from trees and squatting, you want to know how to move correctly watch a toddler before they've been brainwashed, its in their DNA how the body should move, they all squat when playing, I also love how kids swing their arms around freely, this is what they teach in Qi Gong for keeping the Chi ( life force energy) flowing through the body, kids are natural Yogis, society just ruins them!!!
When our bodies become all seized and messed up we then end up taking pills from the legalized street corner drug dealers which wreak havoc with our bodies, every day I had to take anti inflammatory pills for my back and shoulders that messed up my insides, I felt terrible!
This is why I like the term ratrace refugee, heard a Buddhist monk say he was a refugee of conventional society, well I'm a ratrace refugee, my life was very much in danger if I had of kept on partaking in the way of the world!
So I choose to exit it and connect with nature and heal myself holistically through fasting, yoga, barefoot walking in nature, diet, following the Buddhist Eightfold path, and the main one for me, phantom planting trees!
This is karma yoga, virtuous action that brings about good health and happiness!
And lots of other things that I've slowly drip fed into my life that has healed my body mind and soul....I'm like a new born child to be honest at 42, I say prayers of gratitude every day to the Buddhas, my gurus, the father of creation and the mother of nature, it was believing in something higher that turned my life around!
Its society selling us all the physical and soul destroying ways, drink and drug abuse is glorified, puts your head away then you visit the legalized pill peddlers in the white coats and they load you up with more!
We put our kids in seats from childhood, then we are working in seats at offices, our bodies are seizing up, we are eating man made poisoned foods with so many Billy Bunter kids running around nowadays!
Wheres it all gong to end and now we have kids in schools that are identifying as cats and schools are putting down litter trays for them!!! This blew my mind!!!
Its time we all became ratrace refugees!
What ever the dark energy is that runs the way of the world, in Buddhism they call it Mara, it seems they are coming to an end, they are throwing all they got at us these days, I mean how much more insanity can really be publicized and promoted, there comes a time when it goes too far and this is the time I believe!
Be passive guys and start now to build a life that does not depend on societies ways, all our human energy in my opinion should be used in building self sufficient communities, growing our own foods, mending our own stuff, sharing more, making things, looking after ourselves better and promoting more health and well-being!
Dont you ever wonder how the homo sapien got to the top of the food chain and look at us now!
The lions are sleeping 20 hours a day and the monkeys are tickling each other eating peanuts and what are we doing??
We are the most advanced species on the planet, the highest form of consciousness, time to step up and be what you truly are!!!
Anyhow guys I went off on some rant there this morning, what I was meaning to say is that if anyone has any shoulder problems try hanging from a bar like in the pic for 5 mins a day, you dont have to hang all at the one time, if 30 seconds is all you can manage take break and do it again, just make sure you do the 5 mins a day and I bet most shoulder problems in one months will be healed!
Everything in todays world is industry and profit and us being defunct as a species and needing aids and devices to keep us plodding along is part of that industry, the monopoly board has went a bit out of control!!!
Peace and love!
I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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