Happy St Patricks Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

Coming from a Loyalist estate in Belfast we didn't celebrate St paddy's day but with my wee mum being a catholic rebel from Ardoyne she always kept me off school in secrecy and took me away for the day!

I have great memories all my life of St Patrick's day and always remember it to be a nice day too, a sure sign summer is coming!

Although from I started reading into our ancient culture of the Brehons and the Ogham and how we all lived in a nature based law system, where woman had equal rights, where it was illegal to cut down trees and the Druid for the area had to tell the bees if the beekeeper died, where it was illegal not to help and feed passers by in need, if we took from nature we had to use all we took, where if the kings of a county messed up they got penalised and stripped of their titles, unlike our leaders today, they are never held accountable for any mayhem they cause infact they are given even more privileges!!!

I do wonder if it was a good idea or not St Paddy coming here and spiritually infiltrating our society, in reality it was a pagan holocaust he caused! 

Theres been enough dividing on this island and thats what the higher powers want, we didnt choose any of it, born into a fictional belief system and we become so patriotic about something we never choose!

Im choosing my own way now! 

Bring back the Brehons - Bring back the Ogham!

Ogham mani padme hum😎

Anyhow have a great day everyone what ever you are doing. 

Peace and love....



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