How to Plant a Tree Phantom Style!

This is how to plant your potted trees phantom style!!!

Love phantom planting with newbies this way, I get asked all sorts of questions while doing it,

"Your planting the pot! - is that a biodegradable pot? why are you planting the pot?"

I just say nothing and its a big surprise at the end!

This an aspen tree I phantom planted, Letter E in the ancient Ogham tree alphabet that we planted in Malin Head the most northerly point of the Emerald Isle.

I have also a pine tree at Mizen Head the most southerly point of the island also, this is letter A Ogham!

This was part of my phantom planting ritual around the coast of the Emerald Isle to spell the name "The Phantom Planters" in trees using the Ogham tree alphabet.....

The first and last trees are planted next to each other at the phantom planters HQ a holly was the first, letter T in Ogham and a willow was the last, letter S in Ogham!

Started with the holly then went all around the coast and came back over 2 weeks later and planted the willow right next to it hoping that one day the 2 trees will grow into each other and lock the Ogham ring, completing my ritual to make the Emerald Isle the place of magic for the phantom planters!

It is said that if you spell your name in a ring of trees using the Ogham alphabet inside will become your magical space!

The holly and willow are both still there at the phantom planters HQ growing strong!

This will be 3 years ago this summer that I did this ritual!

Ogham mani padme hum....

#phantomplanter #ogham 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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