My new Addction!!

The power of thoughts and visualisations is whats made my mission

grow, by being consistent and enthusiastic!

I have a major addictive personality, In my past I done everything is excess, beer, cigs, all sorts of drugs, foods, the want for paper and digits ,it was all out of control!

I became an expert at a lot of bad things, it didnt happen overnight to be able to smoke 40 cigs, drink 20 beer and snort a couple of hundred pounds worth of peas and barley, This took alot of practice, years it took!

I got what I always wanted, a little cheap looking car with a boot full of cash, one thing my deboy dad taught me was never drive fancy cars, not when from the hood, my dad was shrewd, he remained the same, money never changed him, all the other gangsters rised and fell around him over the years, he never changed, drove a basic car, lived in a council house, got on like everyone else and still counting the shoe boxes full of cash every day with fig hanging out of his mouth!

I got all I wanted in the world of monopoly, only problem was for me I forgot about one thing playing that game, I had no soul, I was a victim of the ratrace, its all delusion, a finely tuned game perfectly designed preventing you from finding your inner Buddha light deep inside us al!  I believe this!

I became where I was channeling my energy, thoughts and actions and we are bombarded with this soul destroying egotistical lifestyle from birth!

I believe addicts will always be addicts, we just need to find more beneficial things to become addicted too!

My new addictions are planting trees and connecting to nature and the purification of my body, mind and soul!

Sometimes I think its sad what society does to us but then I think wouldn't it be boring if there was nothing to workout for yourself, inner peace and contentment through this crazy world is a personal thing for us to work out, only we know deep down how we feel or if things are right in our lives, the problem is most of us live to impress others, I ask myself every day, what are the outcomes of my actions, what does it benefit, my ego or my soul....

Anyhow most mornings I wake part of morning rituals include a Tibetan Buddhist prayer,

"May the attractive and healthy forest be increased in all the one hundred directions

May sentient creatures be freed from untimely death and live happy lives"

I say this 3 times and then say

"om mani padme hum"

3 times after it and then visualize trees being phantom planted and forests expanding all over the world....

I believe we can become and be what ever we want to be and thats why this page has went the way it has, call it an addcition or conviction but when I get something in my head I eat, sleep and s**t it, it becomes my whole life thoughts and actions!

We can never be jealous of anyone else's success, we are all becoming good at what we are applying our time and energy too, you listen to people out there that are into football, they are eperts at it, they know every player, every team, everything they know about the team because thats where they are applying their energy!

Look around you, everyone is just becoming what they are doing and many are becoming really good at eating these days, they know all there is to know about the food industry!

Got a bit carried away there this morning guys but hope that all makes sense! 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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