My South Belfast Paramili-Tree Leaftenant!

Was out yesterday with one of my Paramili-Tree Leaftenants helping him phantom plant 4 fruit trees in South Belfast, he has already phantom planted 4 trees here making the total 8 fruit trees at this new orchard location and right next to here there are always some homeless people sleeping in tents making this the perfect place to phantom plant up some free food!

Peter Wachs is the Leaftenant Commander for the area, he has been a supporter of my page right from day one, he has another fruit tree plantation in a park close by, he has spent lots of his own money in buying fruit trees to phantom plant and given his own time and effort in the planting and maintaining of the trees, we need more people like Peter in this world, he's always out litter collecting also in his spur time, total respect for you Peter, glad to have you on the squad man!!

Its pretty magical what has been happening at this location, I have another orchard on the other side of the river and just recently they have built a new foot bridge linking this orchard to my orchard, the bridge literally takes you to the start of my trees and as you walk along the walkway, you walk right past one of the oldest pear trees in the country which was left over from an orchard that used to be part of an old estate that used to be here over a hundred years ago, there are old fruit trees scattered everywhere here!

Then as you walk over the bridge you start to see these huge native kemp apple trees which were phantom planted by an old eccentric man some 30-40 years ago who I've mentioned before on here, he was the original phantom planter long before the word was even coined, apparently this old dude was one of the richest people in Belfast too and he choose to go around on his bike phantom planting fruit trees and wild flowers, a man after my own soul, probably seen the monopoly board for what it really is and realised that true happiness lies in selfless service rather than selfish hoarding and consuming of meaningless crap!!

Its just really uncanny that we have been drawn to this area to phantom plant, its like our energies have been brought here, there's way more magic in this world than we know, I remember when I first dived into the spiritual world with a total ratrace programmed unenlightened mind, many of the things at first all seemed to be a bit away with the fairies to me, like this can never be possible, then the more you walk this path and try your best to follow it with all devotion and true to yourself what seemed all woo-woo at the start really makes perfect sense in later years, this life is full of magic and mystery, its a phenomenon and we get to live it!

I remember a Rinpoche aka a Tibetan Lama saying before,

 " For you to have a thought there has to be a reality to compare it too".....

Get your head around that one guys, love these little Buddha dudes up there in the land of snows, I dont think people realise the undoctered and pure teachings that these Lama's are teaching, they have been living in caves in the Himalayas for over a thousand years, people couldn't even find them, no interference from anyone until China came in the 1950s and now the Dharma wheel has been spread to all corners of the world as the old prophecy says so and with these high Lamas living in exile all over the world, the Buddhas trojan horses I like to know them as and we get to learn about some of the purest spiritual teachings that the world will ever know!! 

The Lama quote blew my mind, I heard this years ago, I couldnt get my head around it for along time, but its true!!! Choose your thoughts wisely. try and be a master over your own mind and not anyone else's!

"We are what we think, all that we are arises from our thoughts, with our thoughts we make our world...."

This was the Buddhas first words after he attained Enlightenment!

Anyhow would like to say another BIg Thank You to Peter for all his work and efforts in making our community a better place to live in!!!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #paramilitrees 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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