Police man a bit baffled about my antics!

Even the police dont know what to do about phantom planting!

This is an apple tree I phantom planted by the side of the road South Belfast, the police man didnt know what to think!

He was intrigued and I just carried on doing my thing, would love to get arrested for planting a tree, this was my attempt but he must have had other things to do or maybe too much paper work for him, who knows!

I just shouted "UP THE PHANTOM PLANTERS"!!!!  and help yourself to an apple one day!

He never knew where to look!

There has never been more of a time that we need to grow our own food, take back control of the most important thing we'll ever need!

I'm doing my bit guys, filling up the streets and estates of Belfast with fruit trees, imagine we all had our own phantom planted crop we grew and bartered and exchanged between us!

We can all turn our own communities into mini utopias if we want too, who needs half the crap they sell us anyway!

#communityspirit #bethechange 

Have a good one guys..

Peace and love.

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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