Rare Apple Tree Variety Saved

Did a post last week about the old apple tree that had been removed and that I had managed to pick up some left over scraps to graft with after it got the chop, I had sent them off to Des Scholes, The paramili-tree grafting division, who has now been promoted to Twigadier up in Nairn Scotland to be grafted onto new root stock that will then grow into the same rare variety tree as the really old one that got cut down!

Well here they are now back in Belfast all potted up just waiting to see how many will take, I'd say we will be certain to have a lot that will take and be able to save this rare heritage apple variety!

Just a waiting game now for them too burst into bud, really exciting waiting on this happen any day now!!

Cant thank you enough Des, Within 24 hours these cuttings were sent special delivery to Des and he got on the ball right away grafting them up and had the box professionally wrapped up and sent back to me, all within 24 hours!

So many talkers out there but not Des, we need more paramili-tree branches like this worldwide!

Des has planted many community orchards all over the North or Scotland, all of his own back too, why dont we all do this, we all need to get more involved in the community, growing our own food and looking after our own areas!

Never mind what they're doing up there at the top, its what we are doing down here that matters, be part of this grassroots movement guys and lets all make our streets and estates urban orchards for everyone!

You gotta a piece of grass in your garden get some spuds on there, imagine every house grew one type of crop and bartered, building great community relations and we all get to eat good natural organic foods that wont mess with our minds like most foods nowadays, they say the gut bacteria is one of the main cause for mental health disorders and its all the toxins and poisons in our profit driven foods these days that are killing our gut bacteria!

I always say it if you fed lots of the foods and fizzy drinks that we are sold to our pets we would get locked up!

#phantomplanter #communityspirit #phantomplanters #paramilitrees

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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