The Magical Yew Tree

Really hard to capture a yew tree flower up close as they are tiny, but these little flowers will turn into the red berry come Autumn, with the flesh of the berry being the only part you can eat, the tiny seed inside of them are deadly, eat 3 of them and your tatty bread!

Although saying that its believed to be one of the most peaceful ways of dying as the soul is supposed to just exit the body pain free and some have said you pass away with a smile on your face.

I've heard a story before that thats the reason they were connected to ancient burial sites, when the Druids knew it was time to go and they were coming to the end of their life here on earth they went and ate these berries and lay down and passed on peacefully, maybe thats the reason its called the tree of Resurrection! There so many stories connected with the yew tree!

All parts of the yew are deadly, the bark, the pine needles and the seed, I dont recommended consuming any part of it, not even the flesh of the berry, respect these trees! Even the sawdust when cutting burns your lungs...

I often wonder why its not publicized more about the dangers of this tree, I've phantom planted them in a few places before and got told off on here about planting a deadly trees and that kids could be playing near them and I thought to myself,
they were in our youth club growing up in the church grounds and no one told us, in fact they are probably in every Sunday school grounds across the country with kids playing around them all the time!

It was only a couple of years ago I first knew that these trees flowered!

You will always see yews in churches and graveyards, the immortal tree its known as, no one has ever seen one die of old age, its a native evergreen to the Emerald Isle!

It is also believed the yew trees where already there long before the churches, it was already sacred ground going well back thousands of years, long before Christianity came here!

No one can even tell the age of these trees, the yew tree of Annagh in Ballyconnel which a Leprechaun took me too they estimated it to be between 2500-5000 year old, thats a big gap, goes to show we really know nothing about nature and its workings!

The other pic is of the yew tree in Muckcross Abbey Killarney, did they build the Abbey around this yew? Said to be one of the oldest around!

I've been to see all the oldest yews in Ireland, my favourite though is in Belvoir forest that I visit it most days right next to the Phantom Planters HQ!

I believe I was guided by something to setup the HQ where I have it, one side is the oldest oak in Ireland and to the other the some of the oldest yews in my opinion and I just happen to jump out one day pissed out of my head and plant trees in the middle of them, I'm not even from the area but something brought me to it!

Even when I was at my darkest moments I always believed there to be something more to life!

Could ramble on all day on here but I got some wheeling and dealing to do, get my bread and butter for the day and with whats left I spend on trees to phantom plant!

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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