Tour of the Yews and Jampa Ling!

What a day me and wee Betty had yesterday with the Yorkshire Paramili-trees, we went and seen the the spectacular brother and sister yew trees in Crom Castle, Enniskillen, these trees are unreal, go check them out!

We then went to Jampa Ling ( meaning place of loving-kindness) Tibetan Buddhist centre in Bawnboy Co. Cavan to show the guys around the place where all the magic happened for me and where my life changed from darkness into the light,  jumping off a viking boat pissed out of my mind one day at the lowest point in my life and stumbling across this place by accident was an affirmation of magic for me, this place is special!!!

We had landed down unexpected and Lobsang who is a monk down there and a friend made us tea and sandwiches and made us feel so welcome, not every day you get lunch made for you by a monk, love this place, is so cool and all the people who pass through it!

And what a setting for a Tibetan Lama to live right in the heart of untouched rural Ireland.

Thank you Lobsang for making us feel so welcome....

We then headed off to Florence Court just up the road to see the oldest Irish Yew Tree, this is another really special tree, every other Irish yew tree around the world is a cutting from this tree, it was a freak of nature the way it grew, straight, compact and upright and the needles are shaped differently also, seen in graveyards and churches all over the world and they all came from this tree as if you were to grow them from the seeds they will just revert back to the normal common English type yew, so cuttings are the only way to maintain its genetics!

I've had strange and mystical encounters with this tree before, I could feel it pull me one time, before I even knew about trees, it pulled me over to it and I felt this energy pressing on me, it was weird! I go and visit this alot.....

What I do find amazing is here we have in this part of the Emeald Isle, Jampa Ling where an exiled Tibetan Lama lives and just down the road from him is the yew tree of Annagh in Ballyconnel which is said to be possibly the oldest tree in Europe, which this tree only ever reveals itself to who it wants too and I was lucky enough to be shown it by mickey the Leprechaun, have went back on other occasions and could never find it again, then you have the Crom castle yews, which are some of the most unique trees in the world and up the road again is the Irish yew!

This whole area is steeped in magic and mystery, I keep getting drawn to to this area, I was guided here by something higher than we know and now my job is the middle man for the Buddhas and mother nature, telling the world how it is in my own little Belfast Buddhahood ways and as a result millions of trees have been phantom planted all over the world!

"Those who dont believe in magic will never find it...."

#paramilitrees #phantomplanter #Yorkshire #jampaling #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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