UTPP up the phantom planters!!!

We all know a little nook and cranny like this off the side streets somewhere and what a way to Brighten it up with a phantom Planted apple tree and some daffodils!

Loving this work from the Conlig County Down Phantom planting branch, they really have put alot of effort into their own area, lost count now how many trees they have phantom planted now!

Hope you had a good spring equinox yesterday guys, was a really warm day too here in Belfast, hope you all start to get outside alot more and soak up them light codes!

From now till the summer solstice the energy levels are heightening big time in the Northern hemisphere, its our time to charge and even better if we go barefoot too, it is believed and now proven that being barefoot on mother earth that something special is going on through us between the earth and the sun, wearing these man-made shoes we are made to work for just to work us harder in the concrete jungles we live in are cutting us off from this connection.

Every living thing in this world is part of the creation and we have become so disconnected from it, the rocks, minerals, plants, the animals, us, its all alive, its all the spirit of Brahma, everything is vibrating atoms, all that you see is humming at a certain frequency, pretty cool eh!!! And we get to dance and live through this cosmic show!

In Animism which is said to be the oldest form of spiritual belief in the world, say that everything has a soul, all the plants, minerals, rocks, trees, animals, its all spirit!

Thats why it baffles me at times when people out there cast judgement on other peoples diets, finger pointing and making others feel bad about what they're eating or how they're living! 

On a much deeper level everything is alive, even when we breath we are killing some organism, there has to be death for there to be life, everything is feeding off each other one way or another, just because we may not have the senses to hear something cry or suffer, how do we know its not happening!

I believe the most important thing we can do is take from the world with gratitude and most importantly to use what ever energy your being provided with to live symbiotically with the world around us, its like if we are going to take fuel from mother nature an use that energy to flex your pecs or just be a mouthpiece, all talk and no action with the end goal being meaningless really and not beneficial for anything other than our own selfish self, then I think this is a waste of what we are taking!

We should take whet we need mindfully and with gratitude and and do our bit to help heal the world and our communities around us with that energy we are taking. Thats just my take on it anyway!

Be mindful on how you interact with the world around you, its all creating karma and your karma is your drama!

There's alot of lost souls out there, like I was for years, mind trapped in an illusional rat race, I never would have dreamt of walking alone up a mountain to meditate with wee Betty, I was too busy for that, money to make, places to be and all that!

I was running away from the inner me, I was afraid of me, we are in a world were most are not comfortable with who thay are, they need so much around them, toys, tinsel and attention, so much self gratification etc, when I lost all my toys, status and money, I didn't know who I was, there was no me!

The path I'm on now has given me an asset that can never be taken away!

Look after your soul guys, it's yours, don't let anyone else tell you how to live, we all feel morals, these don't need to be told to us! 

#phantomplanter #communityspirit


Can you spot the black cat??

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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