A Snippet from my Book!

Guys for the next while my posts are probably going to be a bit shorter or they will be last years memories re posted as I'm in the middle of writing my book, mornings are my time for getting things out of me and into writing so I've been putting that energy into my book, here is a story from my past I wrote this morning, will give you little stories like this every now and again but the best will be in my book!

Ten Grand Curry Credit - All you can eat for a year!

The dude who owned the Indian restaurant where I run my operations out of for years wanted to get in on something big once, he needed a few quid and I had just the job for him, he was a very professional type dude so I knew I could pull off something special with the likes of him being my front man.

So I came up with a master plan and found a nice retail unit that we were going to setup a business in which would be a smother for other stuff going on in the background.

So I told the Bengali dude what I had in store and I could see he was maybe having second thoughts, it was maybe slightly more dodgier than he was expecting, so as money makes the world go around I offered him ten thousand pounds up front to go and sign his name for the premises, money talks and his eyes lit up, he was all thank you sir, thank you sir, what ever you need me to do I will do for you sir he was saying.

The day came to sign up for the lease agreement and that morning my dad had told me,  I see your big Indian mate in the bookies all the time betting big! 

This put me off dealing with him, I never trust people who have gambling problems, no amount of money will ever be enough for them and I could foresee if we signed up for a 3 year lease on the premises and working with him closely would have caused me much stress and mayhem, so I pulled the plug, went down and seen him and told him what was happening and that I was pulling out!

I thought he was going to take a heart attack, he said to me, The Money! The Money!  I dont have the money you gave me, at that time I had that much money I never knew what to do with it, so I said to him, 

I'll make you a deal, I'll eat and drink as much as I like for 1 year in your restaurant, he started hugging me calling me such a gentleman, thank you sir!

This was a bad move on my part, I was around 25 years old then and it was that year my belly blew up like Billy Bunter, I got so fat with this agreement, I ate Indian food sometimes twice a day for lunch and dinner! I was so greedy with it and was throwing the cobra beer down my neck daily!

I had some great times at this Indian restaurant, some of the stuff that went on in our basement bar was just complete madness and this was the place I was selling my King BIlly kebabs out the front on the twelfth of July,  will tell you more about this place in my book...

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