A very Special Yew!

Me and wee betty have took ourselves on a bit of a spiritual quest retracing old steps that led me on the path im on now. 

Last night I went again to find the Ballyconnel Yew tree in Annagh forest which for the past couple of times I couldn't find it, this is the most odd and unique location for an ancient tree which no one in the town really knows about it, its hidden deep in the forest surrounded by brambles and blue bells said to be between 2000 and 5000 years old! 

First time I went looking for it many years ago I asked everyone walking by do you know where it is, no one knew a thing, then this little man with a big staff comes out of the mist as it was really early in the morning saying to me, can I help you with anything, I said yes do you know where the special yew is, he said he does and said if its your lucky day the tree will reveal itself to you and give me brief directions and off he went back into the mist saying Mickeys my name btw, it was one of them weird experiences after where I was thinking did I just meet a leprechaun! 

I found the tree that day and felt something from it, its location for me was telling me that it really doesn't want to be seen, maybe it only does reveal itself to who it wants too! 

After that I had went back 2  -3 times and couldn't find it, the other times I had company though but last night it was just me and wee betty and I never seen anyone anywhere on the whole walk through the forest to find it!

It was a really sunny warm night walking to look for it and I found the special yew this time! 

I sat and meditated under it for a bit and just as I was walking away thunder roared from the sky and the rain was pelting down as I was deep in the forest! 

So much so that the whole forest floor was flooding, rivers began to appear up too my shins, at first I tried to take cover and then I just walked through the rivers of water with wee betty near swimming at times and imbraced it!

I thought to myself it was Indra, God of thunder making himself known! 

It was one of them experiences I'll never forget! 

I never bring my phone when I go and do things like this and so glad I didnt, it would have got destroyed. 

Anyhow onwards for me and wee Betty, whats really weird is where I'm going tomorrow is a really old neolithic site,  one of the oldest in the world and it just happens to be Beltane which I had no idea, sometimes energies just guide you!


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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