Cold pressing cleaver weed!

This is potent stuff right here, you want to taste this! 

Have been experimenting with cold pressing the cleaver weed or sticky willy as some may know it as, I have a masticated juicer that I used for wheatgrass that I grow and thought I would try some cleaver with it, gets plenty of juice and cleaver is everywhere right now.

This is really potent stuff so you'll only need about 30ml a day if even and see how you feel as it will be highly concentrated with nutrients, sometimes you can feel a bit light headed for a while as the body isnt used to this much green power in one go so build up easy on it. 

Going to try this with nettles, I believe we all need to take our weeds that grow around us, they are stinging us, sticking to us and lighting up all around us trying to grab our attention, they're saying take me and we really do need them. 

This juice can be froze into 30ml ice cubes and stored for a long time. 

Will keep yous posted guys ..

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