Express yourself!

In my own personal experience following the way of the world nearly put me in a hole, it stole my soul,

I felt like a dog being fed from a bowl being under somesone else's control!

The rat race of a monopoly board is finely tuned to have us always looking on the outside, when we chase the exterior our interior is diminishing, our body falls apart, the mind warps, we are playing someones else's game!

I'm playing my own game now, I will not be tempted by the subconscious selling tactics we are bombarded with every day, fell for that for long enough, you'll only get me on that roller-coaster once! 

The world is run by out of control Delboy's and Arthur Daley's who would sell their granny for a few quid!

Where there is profit and gain, all sorts of skullduggery comes along with it!

Honesty is the best policy, morals mean the world to me, from living this way it brings contentment!

Nature will do me from now on, waddling around the mountains and forests, planting trees here and there, its the best yet!

Fashion for me is following someone else's passion, we are not here to be monocultured, we are here to express ourselves uniquely! 

Have a good one guys..

Peace and love

#planttreessaveourkidsfuture #plantatree #phantomplanter #guerillagardener #environmentalgraffiti

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place!


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