Gathering some Gorse Flowers!

Out gathering up some gorse flowers today, check out the many health benefits to eating these beauties!

Not sure what im going to do with these flowers just yet, could juice them or just eat as they are, very tasty this time of year as they give off a pungent coconut smell and taste in April/May...

Im on a mission to consume atleast one decent portion of wild foraged food every day until winter, our gut bacteria needs this badly, so much sickness out there yet so many medicines, something aint adding up!

We need a bit of wild nature in our bellies daily and what a place to be foraging out where I was today!

Its win win for our health and mental well-being getting out in the most beautiful of places foraging and even better doing it barefoot as I did today!

#wildfood #gorse #phantomplanter


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