Get Planting our Future!

With rising food prices and an unsure future the way the monopoly board is looking I believe the best thing we can do is we all learn to grow our own food, every green space and every garden should be used to grow food!

When you look around all the housing developments its all just mini green grass gardens doing nothing!

It would be amazing if these were all used to grow food and if you cant do it yourself maybe let someone else grow food in your garden and you get part of the harvest, offer your garden up for use as an allotment!

Imagine we all just grew one small crop and had a local bartering site online where we can all swap and exchange our crops, plenty of these do exist!

Mine is fruit trees, thats my offering for society, I will never stop phantom planting fruit trees!

Lets all specialize in one thing, get a spud, stick it in the ground and see what happens, if you have too many share them, connect with people and socialize, try growing some herbs on your window sill, it all starts with planting the seed!

Lets all start doing this now, dont let these lunatics that pull the strings of the monopoly board dangle the carrot any longer!

When you think of what we really need to survive its not rocket science, everything depends on how we are using our time and energy today, what will be the outcome of where your human energy is being directed at now, ask yourself this!

Our thoughts, actions and intentions are creating tomorrow, where you are now is a result of what you've been doing and where you will be tomorrow will be a result of what you do now!

Be passive and bypass these constipated nut jobs that run the world, switch off to the madness and focus on growth and renewal within you and in your own community! 

Get this butterfly effect rippling! 

#growyourown #growth #communityspirit #bepositive #phantomplanter 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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