Happy Memories!!

Was this day 3 years ago I was down mulching some phantom plum trees I have near Narnia and then decided to go for a walk in the mountains, we had spotted a wee sheep with its heads stuck in a hole and it wasn't for moving, turns out it had a broken leg, so I carried it off the mountain and brought it to a vet, they said if its kept off the leg it should heal ok but if it goes back on the mountain it will die.

I had put a post up in Facebook back then to see if anyone wanted to look after it and one nice family got in touch with me and took the wee sheep in, turns out it was a girl and they named her Flossie.

Flossie made a full recovery thanks to this lovely family putting in so much effort to look after her, they made her a sling and other aids to keep her of her leg so she could heal correctly.

To this day Flossie is living her life on a farm with a horse as a friend, I have went and visited her a few times and her tail was wagging when she seen me, think she remembered me!

I had managed to find out who the farmer was that owned the sheep on the mountain and let him know what had happened and also to ask if we could keep it as I got attached to her and didnt want to see her on someones dinner plate as thats what would have happened if I had put her back up on the mountain!

He was happy for us to keep it but he did say he didn't think it would last more than a few weeks as its a wild sheep but Flossie proved us wrong!

This is up there with my best phantom planter memories yet!

Two of the pics is me carrying Flossie off the mountain, think she knew I was helping her as she was so relaxed and the other is her a couple of years later looking all Regal looking in the snow!

You know I have other memories that come up on my google pics from 14 years ago, memories from when I struck it rich with a house clearance I just got from my old buyers of anything sellers of everything supertsore and was photographing everything for auction, some clearances I made 100k from easily, had quite a few like that, one old house we got Rene Lalique, diamond rings, gold, cash, all sorts I got, it was jackpot time and these were quite common but then when I see these memories come up Flossie the sheep made me smile, when I look back at my older money making memories there is an element of darkness there, I dont smile looking at them, I see what money done to me, excessive drug taking, drink, eating cigarettes, stress, distrust, conformities! 

We only think we are getting one up in this world with our strive and hunger to make money, but in Reality we are just getting more and more entangled in Maras web of delusion! its all a head melt! 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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