Hum it all away!!!

This has to be one of the best mind medications around for me, I do this nearly every morning as soon as I open my eyes, so many people out there dont even know how to breath right, when was the last time you really filled your lungs with air?

I always remember one of my gurus saying if you do this 30 times a day for a month you'll have a brand new mind, I thought he was off his nut at the time as I was sitting there probably at the worst stage of my life, riddled with all sorts of drink, drug and many other selfish desires, partaking in the rat race nearly killed me and when I seeked help within the ratrace realms, all I seemed to be was getting even more drugged up, even for my back and shoulder problems and whole host of other monopoly board side effects they were wanting to butcher me and remove things from my body, the whole thing didn't add up, something wasn't making sense!

The way of the world was revealing itself before my eyes, societies cracks were opening, think thats why they pile that many pills in you keeping us in the dark so we dont see these cracks!

So when I came across this crazy little Nepalese guru and he was telling me to Hum like a mad man, I remember thinking, what have I got to loose, things couldn't have gotten anymore messed up for me!

Fast forward 8 years or so and I'm completely free from all drink, drugs and many other soul destroying poisons that are subconsciously and point blank sold to us and normalised in every day life!

I'm walking on my hands and climbing mountains barefoot, I'm feeling great these days with less than I've ever had, I think you can either own one or the other in this life, your soul or the toys and tinsel of society, looking after and chasing these toys and statuses we loose track of our souls, we then have to self gratify as like a coping mechanism because all the things we think we are owning are actually owning us!

But anyhow guys filling your lungs deeply like this then humming it all out and relaxing the whole body keeping the mind on the breath and vibration really does something to our minds and even better if your going to do it up the mountains somewhere next to waterfalls!

It like clears all the negative energies out of us, like a mental reset!

They say everything in this hologram of a universe is vibrating atoms, every Particle that makes up everything from the rocks to the water and to us, its all humming at a certain frequency and when we Hum it connects us to the source!

So much of our health and mental health is in our hands and the antidotes are so simple too, we just need to keep creating new positive habits, remember guys, counselling and Psychiatry like everything else is an industry, all these trauma retreats you hear about at 500 quid a pop, they are all money makers and many of them in my opinion are milking it!

Why not try a 24 hour fast every week, eat natural foods, barefoot walks in nature every day, take yourself to the mountains or go sit by really old trees and breath and be at one with them, go swim in the sea or a river, volunteering also is one of the best things we can do as an antidote to many problems, its like reversing our energies and really puts us into a higher state of being, they want us all crawling into a corner thinking the world owes us a favour pleading poor me!

We think the world owes us, we owe it, selfless service is really why we are here, not self gratification!

People often ask me who are they, they are the out of control Delboys and Arthur Daley's that run our world, they have become so sick in the mind getting to where they've got in this mother nature destroying game that we are playing and when we are in that state of mind we vent that into the world, they want everyone to be in the same miserable mindset as they are, its all just got a bit out of control and snowballed but they all have the potential to wake up also, I cant really fault them as I had a similar mindset at one time myself!

Now I just plant and chant and live....


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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