I'm a Ratrace Refugee Now!

For the first time in my life I've felt what peace and contentment really feels like, I've been on a mission now for years to strip it all back, slow it all down and just try and walk through life with ease and happiness....

My old deboy dad used to test people all the time, he would have left 20 quid out in the shed where he had his dodgy goods, if a customer came and went to the shed to have a look at what he had, if they didn't bring in the 20 quid he was siphoning them out, meaning he knew never to trust them, he would never say anything but he'd just keep it under his hat and they would never get the special prices or good deals, he used all sorts of psychology with people and he was amazing at it!

I used to do the same all the time myself, in my house clearance business I would have went and priced a job, I'd of brought a gold necklace with me and put it behind a wardrobe in one of the rooms, the most trusting workers always brought it back, but when it didnt come back I could never remain as cool as my delboy dad and keep it under my hat, I had to say something there and then and get shot of them, causing a whole scene and make things even worse, looking back now I know why my delboy dad kept it under his hat!

You see thieves will always deny and then turn things on you, creating all sorts of mayhem making out to everyone that your accusing them of thieving!!

I think my delboy dad was enlightened in his own way, he let things go over his head and remain humble, but with the thief he used to show me his books at what he was charging them, say they bought 50 sleeves of cigs a week, he was charging them 2 quid dearer than everyone else per sleeve, over the year that's a lot of extra money!

But he could still keep his poker face and make the thief a cuppa tea in a humble manor, (which I could never do, I wouldnt let them in the same room as me again) 

but my delboy dads stashes of cash still kept piling up, he knew how to handle people in the ghetto better than anyone I ever knew, any wonder he was a professional poker player also and my wee mum too, bell star and maverick they called them out on Indian reservation casinos in America, they went there every year just to play poker!

They also had a poker school every Sunday night at our house and the place was packed, one guy lost a few thousand pounds one night and he smashed my house door on the way out, I never forget my delboy dad with his bent and crooked pound shop glasses and a cig hanging out of the mouth counting the cash and someone said to him, he just broke your door, my delboy dad said in the most humble way, counting the cash, " he can break it every week if he likes"......

But looking back over the whole monopoly board ratrace cack, I see what it does to your mind and soul, theres not many out there could handle it all like my delboy dad, its perfectly designed to corrupt you and corrupt me it did, so easy to become infected by the negative vibes of the whole thing, unless your enlightened!

Now I like walking Glens barefoot with wee betty, feel so at home here, this is where I belong....

Its taking me years and years undoing all the destruction the ratrace has caused to my body, mind and soul..... I'm like a child born again! 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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