Live Serendipitously!

Came up on my memories that 2 years ago yesterday I phantom planted a juniper tree in Narnia aka Mourne Mountains in the pic and yesterday I planted a juniper at Jampa Ling, strange synchronicities! 

Spent the day helping out at Jampa Ling yesterday building a polytunnel with some really cool people and had the most amazing lunch made by a monk, it really is a magicsl place down there, love the chats with others that go there.

Growing up with a dodgy wheeiing and dealing background for years I always kept certain thoughts to myself, when I first went to Jampa Ling I heard others talk about what I thought of alot and I was thinking im not the only one!!! Really love this place and everything they are about and promote! 

Before I went to Jampa Ling I went to see the famous Irish Yew Tree at Florence Court about a 20 min drive up the road from Jampa Ling, I always go and see this tree everytime im down there.

Yesterday I was doing my meditation under it with no one in sight as it was really early in the morning and this old lady and her dog came sat on the bench directly opposite the Yew tree and they both just sat looking at the tree.

I went and talked with her and said do you like this tree also? She said she does and comes every day to admire it, we got chatting and she was asking what I was up too, I told her I was going to Jampa Ling, she looked at me with a smile and said there are no coincidences in life, only synchronicities,  then told me she was a Quaker Buddhist and that she practiced 2 faiths and started to tell me all this stuff about quantum theory and quantum entanglement!

It started to rain really heavy so we took cover under the Irish yew and talked for over an hour, she was 80 years old and as fit as a fiddle, her dog and wee betty were about the same size and just sat right next to each other chilled, she said even our dogs are Buddhists!

I learned something really personal about me from this old lady.

The world is magical please if we get our heads out of the ratrace and look around us, it really is a serendipitous life we are living if we want it to be.

The night before me and wee Betty went to sleep in the forest, betty started to bark and woke me about 3am and there was this deer putting on a show for us, it was the most amazing experience, it kept running back and fourth, scrapping one leg on the ground, I dont know what it was doing but I guess it was just saying hello. 

Happy Beltane btw guys, mid point between spring and summer.


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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