Nature's got it!

This is my new morning drink right here, dandelion and cleaver weed or as some of you might know it as sticky willie, you know the stuff I mean, apparently it grows in all parts of the world apart from Antarctica, one of natures finest medicines right on our doorsteps and this time of year it is abundant!

This is my second morning drinking this and for as long as this stuff is growing in my local forests I'm going to make it part of my morning ritual to drink this, I will pick it all fresh in the afternoon for the next morning, so easy to do and another great reason to get out and connect to nature!

There's something special about going out into the forest and doing stuff like this, it beats going to the shop and buying some delboy marketed dried powder green crap thats probably been scraped off some factory floor, wrapped with melted plastic, put on a plane from the the end of the world and sold as a super food at an extortionate price!

I bring with me to the forest a sealable water tight jug, a bottle of water and a pair of scissors, I will always try and find a spot where not as many dogs go as to try and avoid dog pee but remember also guys, we have a nose, our senses are good friends if we use them, I just smell the stuff first before I chop it, although in this day and age using our senses and our own intuition seems to be a bit alien!

Its amazing the amount of people say when forging, you never know whats been running over your foods, you never know whats been running over farmers fields or who's been handling your foods in factories, in the wild nature is a as clean as you'll get with no pesticides either!

Anyhow I look for nice fresh cleavers and dandelion, chop them up into my jug as fine as I can, fill it up with water and press into it with a wooden spoon to try and get as much juice out of the plant material as possible, leave overnight and next morning I put a sieve over a pot, empty out the content into the sieve and with my hands squeeze the excess juice from the cleaver and dandelion and drink!

I had my last meal yesterday at 4pm, this is best drank after a long fast, let your insides be completely empty, we all need to be doing this guys for our health and getting out into nature also is so good for our mental health too, its win win!!

For me learning about what I can survive on in the wild is definitely up there with some of life's most valuable knowledge and its a very interesting past time too!

Please do me a favour though guys, if you are going to forage from nature, only take what your going to use, always leave some for the wildlife and you got to become a phantom planter too, Deal???

Give back as well as take, infact give back 10 times what we're taking, we owe it big time and then in the long run we will be creating more and more for all life!

Nature is a healer!


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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