RIP Pepe....

Signed up two new Paramili-Trees yesterday, this lady has been a long time supporter of my page and she also comes and hangs out at the orchard every Sunday with a whole crowd of other peace loving characters, old skool flower power hippie type dudes who really make Sundays all that more special, thank you for coming every week, place wouldn't be the same with out yous...

Just recently her dog Pepe had passed away, so she brought along an apple tree yesterday to phantom plant in memory of her dog who has been very much missed at the orchard also!

RIP Pepe....

Great that she brought along her little friend to plant also, its so good to get kids phantom planting, I wish I had of planted trees when I was a kid to come back now at this age and see how big they are!

One of my life long mates still to this day never shuts up about a conker he planted with his dad when he was a kid and that its grown into this massive tree, I can see every time he talks about it his face lights up!

Such a special thing to do planting trees with our kids, even better if you phantom plant it without asking permission making it even more cooler, have said it right form the start if we make phantom planting a rascal thing to do, call it environmental graffiti - Gangster gardening - Guerilla gardening! Whatever!

I just believe if you make tree planting a dodgy activity it could transform our world in no time and make people from deep in working class areas look at trees and nature in a very different way!

Thats my goal, thats why I do what I do!

#phantomplanter #paramilitrees #communityspirit #dogsarefamily #dogslife 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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