The smell of Coconut!

Its this time of year that the gorse flower ( also known as furze or whin) is most vibrant on the landscape, this is its time to shine, and shine it does like a glow stick!

If you ever get a smell of coconut when your out and about in the countryside and think its suntan lotion as I have smelt for years in Narnia and often thought someone close by must have some on them but there was no one to be seen for miles then I learned its the gorse!

April is normally the month for it to give out this scent and the flower pedals are eatable also but taste nothing like coconuts!

Because gorse grows back so quickly after being burned or cut down, makes it a symbol of the wealth and fertility of the land itself and it has been said that people have heard voices coming from the gorse which is believed to be the Fairies!

It's amazing right now at this time of year what we can eat from our landscapes and I believe its these medicinal flowers that we need more than anything in our diets, our society is so toxic, the foods and the environment that we live in is polluted and what is the answer when we get sick, more pill popping toxins, none of it makes any sense at all!

Its a wonder we haven't all begun to melt yet! Well most of us are really, we are head melted!!

From today I'm going to collect gorse flowers, cleaver weeds and dandelion which is ripe and ready on our landscsapes right now, chop them up and leave them overnight in a coffee cafetiere full of water, first thing in the morning press and drink on an empty stomach, I will do a post on this, I will work this in with intermittent fasting so my body is completely cleared and hungry before I drink this for extra bodily cleansing benefits!

We all need to take this stuff thats on our doorsteps, these are the real super foods that we desperately need and its free, not these Delboy and Arthur Daley marketed so called super foods from the other end of the world, we aren't designed for this, our ancestors have never taken this, our DNA and gut bacteria have no idea what it is, its alien to us!

We need to eat what is on our doorsteps, most of the things they call weeds are actually medicines, again the delusion of the monopoly board, keep us all eating out of someone elses hand, its all about the dollar!

Where there's profit there is delusion and deception, I've a criminal record for deception so I know the lengths and lies people will go too to sell their goods, me and my delboy dad where nothing compared to the big wigs that run our world!

Yesterday I was in the forest barefoot eating fresh wild garlic leaves and I thought to myself I'm home, cant be annoyed with the constipation of society anymore, we all need to return to nature!

#phantomplanter #gorseflowers #gorse

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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