The Twigidier at Work!

My right hand man has been out trimming around the phantom planted fruit trees in the middle of the estate, love it the way these ripples are spreading, we have about 16 fruit trees here that we phantom planted a couple of years ago and they are going really well, growing like champions!

Keep bumping into my right hand man down at the phantom planters HQ just working away on his own, making wild flower boxes or doing some other positive action for the community and he has also bumped into me too tidying and and checking on the trees!

It's a great fulfilling life purpose and its a great time of year being down at the orchard, we have hundreds of fruit trees and its this time of year they are all starting to come alive, seeing the first flowers, first leaf, first bee, first frog, its a utopia down there, and we created it, its a sanctuary as my right hand man said!

I believe we all need to find our life purpose, something we all do voluntarily that benefits the community, can you imagine if we all did just one thing around our local areas, like all different types of trades men and handy men offer up there services for free for say a few hours a week, these types of actions have the power to ignite real community spirit, because I phantom plant trees using my own money and time and not wanting anything from it I see what it inspires and touches in others, it has brought about the most genuine people into my life!

The more I study my faith the more I see that its generosity that brings about harmony in our own life, being of service and helping whats around us!

We are possessed with profit, the chasing of paper and digits which really is keeping us caught right in the centre of the Bhavacakra, entangled in the mental poisons of life!

Look the Bhavacakra picture up guys and get your head around it, its got a really simple fascinating meaning and its generosity that brings us into the higher realms!

Time we all stopped fooling ourselves, time we all stopped directing our attention to things we can and never will change, most of our leaders are nothing but s**t stirrers, they are all stuck right in the centre of the Bhavacakra!

Dividing us all up for there own gain, me personally with all the technology about I dont think we need any of them!

We can surely govern ourselves these days and vote on every aspect of our lives daily, everything they talk about and discuss in parliament should be completely transparent and online for us all to vote on ourselves every day and if your not in you cant win......

Anyhow a big thank you to my Right Hand Man aka The Paramili-Trees highest ranking Twigidier - I'd be lost without him, the back bone of everything I do!

#phantomplanter #phantomplanters #paramilitrees #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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