94k followers and growing!!!

The phantom planter Facebook page just past 94K followers yesterday, wont be long before it hits 100k!

Can you imagine if every follower got phantom planting, an army of 100 thousand phantom planters!!! Now that really could make a massive difference in the world!!

Not bad for a bit of planting and chanting and coming on here every morning and trying to put out some much needed positive vibes!

You know I watched my delboy dad go from rags to riches literally, he used to walk around with a black bag over his shoulder selling socks asking everyone and anyone he seen did they want to buy any, he then grew to become a very rich man!

I watched many of his wheeling and dealing associates over the years come to him in a clamped out banger with nothing to their name to get some of his dodgy goods to sell on and I know one personally today who started out this way and used to wash my dads car for three quid and eat all our crisps and biscuits from the kitchen cupboards while he was at it, he now flies first class all over the world and drives a Bentley!

One thing I notice and observe about these types of people is they have belief and enthusiasm, they got heart and soul in what they are doing, they dont waste time on crap that serves no purpose to them, what they are dreaming off in life becomes they're life, everything they do from morning to night is about achieving these goals, they never stop, my dad never stopped, from he woke up till he went to bed every person was a potential pound to him!

We can be what ever we want to be in this life, the only thing holding you back is you - Dont be your own worst enemy!

The phantom planter and my spiritual path is my life now, this is where my energy is directed at now, this is where my heart and soul is at which is why its probably taken off the way it has!

Thank you guys for all the support, it means the world to me.....

I challenge all my followers to phantom plant a tree!


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