A mysterious phantom planter about!

I did a post last week about some mysterious phantom planter coming into the orchard and phantom planting a berry bush and now they've managed to sneak in again under the radar and add these rocks and some more seashells around it!

How nice does this look btw, I never would have thought of putting seashells around my trees, I guess it would be really good for keeping the weeds down and I also remember hearing before that seashells are great for providing minerals to the soil.

Something else mysterious has been happening at the phantom planters HQ, we had this massive pile of mulch down at the bottom of the orchard and over the past month or so I've been mulching all the trees, there are hundreds of trees so its been taken be sometime doing this and I had left one patch of trees undone that I was going back to do yesterday.

I went down to the pile of mulch only to see the last of it gone, there was a small pile left last week and it was gone yesterday, I thought someone had helped themselves to it for their garden and thought ah well they must have really needed it so I went back up to the trees that needed mulched as I was going to give them a good weeding instead but only to find that they were already mulched!!!

A mysterious phantom mulcher out and about, thank you who ever you are and thank you too who ever phantom planted the berry bush, dont forgot to go back and water it, hope you get berries this year, I wont take any though, I'll leave them for you if your reading this!

Cant believe it at times the way the phantom planter has went and I do wonder at times where it will end, its been emotional.

Thank you everyone for helping make my dreams come true, when I first started phantom planting I thought to myself that one day I'm going to make tree planting cool because it is cool, cooler than anything the ratrace has to offer, phantom planting a fruit tree in your local hood is Rascality at its finest! 

I visualized that I would see trees popping up everywhere making our streets and estate's urban orchards for everyone to have free food, I thought of people making pies and jams from the produce and people coming toghther in harmony, so far this has all been happening for me, its really unbelievable to be honest!

#phantomplanter #phantomplanters #community #communityspirit

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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