Ancient variety saved!

Check out these grafted trees now!

These are the broken bits of branches of the ancient apple tree that developers had ripped out and I managed to find a few scraps of branches from the tree and sent them of to my Paramili-Tree Twigadier in Nairn Scotland to be grafted onto new root stock to try and save the variety, most of you probably remember the story I did before!

Des Scholes had them grafted onto new root stock within 24 hours and sent straight back to be special delivery and check out how well these are doing!!! All of them have taken to there new root stocks!!

I was talking to a guy I always bump into in the forest 2 days ago walking his dogs and he was telling me about this apple tree he goes to every year to eat apples of it, he said he's never tasted apple like it, he's an older man and has known this tree for many years, but he was describing the location of the tree and I had told him that the tree he was talking about is the tree that had been ripped out and that I have the variety saved and growing away in my mates greenhouse.

He was furious about the tree and I found it really weird that he just started to tell me about this exact tree out of the blue, this ancient apple tree had made an impact on people and now for no reason at all it was ripped out, so sad!

I'm actually going today with one of my Leaftenants to phantom plant some more apples trees near where the old tree was, we have around 10 - 12 fruit trees phantom planted here in protest of what these developers did and when these grafts are fully grown and I can take more cuttings from them I'm going to flood this area with the offspring of this ancient apple!

Can you imagine if every time you see a tree getting cut down that we the phantom planters go out and plant say 5 or 10 in protest!

I never really share trees that are about to get the chop on here, I get sent info all the time to help save this tree and that forest etc, I know its so sad but I dont really like to share it, thats not what this page is about, very quickly the page could turn negative making people angry at some of the devastation thats taking place out there!

I know its terrible but one thing I've worked out in life is trying to change the minds of the corrupted you just end up becoming corrupted yourself, these people will infect you and steal your peace of mind!

I try and use my energy in this world in a positive way and I have orchards and trees everywhere, positive action is also infectious!

#paramilitrees #communityspirit #phantomplanter #appletree 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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