Another spot of phantom planting!

Out yesterday with my Twigadier and LeafTenant phantom planting a plum tree at a new orchard we have been planting up over the past few months, we must have around 14 fruit trees here now and all bought and paid for by my LeafTenant!

Loved that the two of them turned up wearing the official phantom planters T-shirts, hardcore phantom planters they are, glad to have you guys by my side!

Last week I seen a random guy walking down the street wearing one too, couldn't believe my eyes!

Thank you to everyone who has bought a T-shirt, all profits go towards tree planting and Keith at Dragons Den Fancy dress where they are being sold has been sending people out masks with every T-shirt order also which he doesn't really have to do, thank you man!

Rise of the Paramili-Trees - UTPP up the phantom planters

Had a bee keeper up at the orchard yesterday getting some advice on keeping hives near the orchard, not your normal type hives proper phantom planted hives high up in trees with our native Irish black bees in them left to go wild, why aren't people doing this or maybe they are and I just dont know!

Phantom planting wild bee hives could be the next thing for me, I dont want the bees honey either, them dudes do enough work for us, they can keep they're own honey and I will be planning on putting them that high up in the trees that no one can go near them!

We cant live without trees or the bees, what a great combination to phantom plant with both completely dependent on each other! 

Another great excuse to be up in the trees too!

#paramilitrees #phantomplanter #communityspirit #bees

 Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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