Belfast Memorial Orchard??

This is the land thats for sale next to the phantom planters HQ that I'm thinking about trying to raise the money for to buy and make into the Belfast Memorial Community Orchard!

It's 4.7 acres in size which is massive and could hold thousands of fruit trees and its south facing surrounded by huge trees on either side giving it the walled garden effect for perfect growing conditions.

Its a 130k for the land and the way I see it is I have 93k followers, if every one of those followers give just £1.50 each this could be made into a massive community orchard providing free fruit and more for everyone for generations to come! 

Of all the trees I've phantom planted the ones that have really made the most impact on me are memorial trees, I'm just there to dig the hole, supply the tree and do the donkey work, the family do the rest, plant the tree and water it, its important for me that they're involved in the tree planting themselves, this sort of service I dont think exists here and I watch the comfort and connection the family gets from it.

The other day I planted an apple tree with a guy who's wife just passed away, he brought her ashes with him and planted it in with the tree, he was saying thats one of the nicest things he's done, it really touched me how the family got so much comfort from doing this.

After I felt a bit emotional myself and also felt a bit sad that the Belvoir Memorial Orchard aka The Phantom Planters HQ is full to the brim and I wont be able to plant anymore trees like this here again.

Then I drive round the corner and this land has just went up on the market within the last 2 days, my first thought was this could be the Belfast Memorial Orchard!

I'm ringing the estate agent on Tuesday when they're back open to talk about it.

The land has a river flowing through it and lined with some of the best beech trees in the country if not the world in my opinion, it really is a hidden utopia nestled away in the heart of Belfast!

Who knows knows this could be a blueprint plan that can be duplicated worldwide connecting people to nature.

I remember many years ago when I lost a good friend of mine, he got cremated and a tree planted at the cemetery for him, I got talking to the people that worked there and said can we plant a fruit tree for him so we can go back and eat apples of Davey's tree, they said no they have certain trees they use and I said back then well can we come and help plant it and they said they only plant at certain times of the year and its not possible to come and help.

This was nearly 20 years ago and I was thinking like this, I thought back then how cool it would be to go back and eat apples of my mates memorial tree, funny I've manifested that thought 20 years later.

Thanks for all the support and offers of donations for this on the previous post. 

Will keep yous posted....


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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