Enjoy the Sun!!!

Heatwave for the next 10 days in Belfast, love it, you really cant beat this part of the world when the weather is nice, I will be out in it as much as possible barefoot, up the trees, mountains, beaches and waterfalls!

It's taken me years to finely tune my life to be able to have the time to be free and live, my greatest asset today is owning my own time!

I live in a tiny cabin rent free, escaped my addictions and the toys and tinsel of the world do not interest me anymore, I can live on very little paper and digits and if im getting it tight in my small business I buy a 25kg bag of porridge oats for about £30 and live on that with milk for months if needs be, its amazing how cheaply we can live if we get our minds working right and clear!

Right from we are born we are brainwashed to consume and get ourselves tied up in knots, have kids, buy houses, cars and so on, most of us are controlled through power of suggestion, its all manufactured and pure genius though dont you think how the whole world follows this way and it all came from London!

This whole system we play, how it all works, its a complete master plan, isn't it funny though that all these countries fight among themselves for independence then when they get it the only thing changes is the colour of the flag and some fictional belief, the same controlling system still stays in place, nothing changes apart from a thought in our minds and a few songs and colours, someones having a laugh at us somewhere!

Anyhow I'm away to bask in mother nature today, I believe we are here to find our own inner peace within among the mayhem and madness of the world, its all designed to corrupt you and send you mad! 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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