Free Apple Trees!!!

These are the self rooting apple sticks that we got from trimmings off other apple trees and just stuck them in the ground and they are all coming to life, still this amazes me how this is working with some of them even flowering and you can see that most of them are still alive just about to put out leaves any day now!

All we done was cut branches of a tree and stuck them in the ground, nothing else and these will grow into the same trees with the same genetic character as the mother tree!

There is much to learn and understand about how apple trees work, you see most of them are grafted onto a root stock to maintain the same genetics, they say if you were to take a seed from a gala apple say and grow it that the seed will revert back to a crab apple or a cooking apple so they graft onto root stocks to keep the variety and this goes the same for taking cuttings of it also just like we did.

But new research is emerging to show that certain varieties of apple trees when cuttings are taken from the mother tree that the cuttings have maintained the same genetics and the apples taste the same and there are 3 varieties so far that this works for perfectly that we have the cuttings from and they are.

Mrs Perry

Irish Pitcher

Lough Key Crab

This is a real game changer for me!!

So guys if you know anyone has trees of these varieties that are a decent size go and take cuttings from them around late winter and just stick them in the ground the right way up!

I'm on the hunt now to find out where there are loads of these and I'm going to take thousands for next year, this is the easiest and fasted phantom planting method yet!

Also these trees are practically disease resistant from what I'm learning as grafted trees is really sticking two types of trees together which is tampering with tree genetics and right from the start they are very susceptible to disease and infection.

I've watched all these Dutch trees imported they've been selling which are terrible and cost a small fortune too, native Irish apple trees grown in Holland and then exported here to sell, thats Irish alright ain't it!! 

Why dont we just grow our own!!!

Many of these trees aren't right, dwarf, semi dwarf, one type they grow the root stock cant even support the apples and they just fall over, riddled with canker and all sorts.

I've made so many mistakes and spent so much money over the years but it's been all worth it, I've always said if you want to learn and do anything in life you gotta put your money where your mouth is and take a gamble and thats what ive done right from the start of my phantom planting antics!

I remember one of the first batch of trees I ever bought and took myself to the mountains to phantom plant them. it cost me fifty quid from my local garden centre, I had no idea what I was doing, I just decided that day that I'm not going to buy drink or drugs and buy trees to phantom plant instead and took myself to the mountain on my own to make a nature offering!

It was wet, windy and the ground was all rocky, I was really struggling with my fitness at the time too, hours I was up there for with this crappy spade trying to find soft ground to dig into, I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was to make sure they were the right way up and I remember thinking at the time wtf am I doing here! I was craving beer and drugs!

Out of the fifty trees I phantom planted that day 3 are still thriving that I can find and they are hawthorn too aka fairy trees, all the rest got ate by the sheep and burnt with wildfires!

All these years later I'm like a whippet up the mountain in my bare feet, my mind is no longer tormented with cravings and self gratification, I believe mother nature accepted my offering and has helped heal me.

I even knew back then it didnt make sense how I was living, I knew then we all need to level up with mother nature on a personal basis, its our intimate relationship and connection with mother nature that determines alot of things in our life I believe, everything we use in taken from mother nature, converted into something else and sold to us by the crazy Delboys and Arthur Daleys that run our world.

As one of my favourite Gurus said to a top scientist once when the geek was boasting saying they are on the cusp of creating life, the Guru said well why dont you create your own elements first, stop using the creations/creators!

Be mindful how you interact with the world around you, I'm no longer that programmed parasite using mother nature as the host!

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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