Its all in the Head!

Last week I was put in a situation that I was in around 10 years ago, its a bit private but lets just say with the mindset I had 10 years ago this situation tore me apart, I was a broken man over this and just last week I was in the same place with the same people and the same circumstances and I went to the beach after to do some yoga clear headed and at peace were as 10 years ago I'd of went on the rampage drinking and taking drugs fighting an internal battle with myself, angry, agitated and a mess and venting so much negative vibes into the world!

Most of our mayhem is created in our own minds and drink, drugs and all other types of pills and mind altering substances are a major cause of keeping us stuck in this miserable existence, what goes up must come down, I like the middle way, keeping life as steady as possible these days....

There is no better feeling than knowing that you've conquered something in your mind, that you've overcome certain thought patterns and addictions, in Buddhism this is the ultimate goal to attain self mastery over yourself and not over others and not being misled or swayed by mundane passing crap on the outside!

Dont know what it is about the world these days especially here in the West, I think we all just have it too good with too much time on our hands and we are just looking for things to keep us occupied, all these labels, identities, trends, fashions and so on, here in the UK we are living in the best country in the world, you get lost at sea, they come and get you, get lost in the mountain they come and get you, have a car crash you'll be picked up in no time and fixed, we have running water and food banks, they even give alcoholics daily money to buy drink, we have religious freedom and some of the best human rights in the world, the UK is a Mecca for the rest of the world to come too, we are living in a country with the greatest choices in the world really, the system may be designed to entangle and trap you but there has to be some responsibility from us too as we are choosing to play it also but we have a choice how we use our time and what we do with it......

Really we are in the heavenly realms and its our own wants, temptations, desires, attention seeking and ego thats messing us up!

Thats how I look back over my life anyhow, at the start I seen all the wrong in the world but it was just my mindset....

Im truly grateful for the country I live in. 


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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