Here is the apple trees that I got my mistletoe berries from a while back to put on our trees at the phantom planters HQ so we can have mistletoe growing at the orchard.

There seemed to be many comments in my previous posts on this saying I was crazy and that mistletoe is a parasite and it will kill the tree!

Well this lady that owns these trees says she has had the mistletoe on hers for over 10 years with no change at all in the trees health and you can see how healthy these old trees are looking in the video!

Maybe in other parts of the world where the climate is different mistletoe might take over and kill your trees but I dont think this is the case here in Belfast and also our mistletoe is in a managed orchard and if we do see it effect the health of the trees it will be dealt with.

The only way we are going to learn is by doing, never be put off by keyboard warriors or pen pushers from doing something, do it yourself and observe, some things in nature can take years to find out the outcome from. 

I have many experiments and observations going on right now that will take years for me to see the outcome, I intend one day in getting an honorary doctorate when im an old man, when I can look back at everything I've done and say for a fact that this is the outcome, not what others told me in the past, what I done and learned for myself.

Never let anyone put you off doing anything guys, get out and do it, what is invasive to one person is a pioneer species to another, many people just like nature to be the way they like it, well I have ways I like it too, no one owns nature! 

I heard a friend of mine say something a while back that really stuck in my head, he said nature knows what it needs to do, he said it knows that our soil is nearly at the point of no return, there is no biomass being returned to the land and with all these invasive species popping up its natures way of making biomass fast, it grows and dies really quickly creating more soil over years and what do we do, we go about and fight these so called invasive species with chemicals, its like we are continually at war with nature!

I remember years back talking with an ecologist in the forest, I was saying about how beautiful the Himalayan Balsam is and that isnt it so good to see it provides lots of food for the bees so late in the season, he said in sort of an angry attitude that its an invasive species and the pollen it provides for the bees is like fast food and is bad for them!

My first thought at the time was, how does he know this, I think the bees would know better than him whats good or bad for them! 

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Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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