More paramili-trees!!!

Phantom planted a Laxton Superb apple tree yesterday and signed up and swore in two new Paramili-Trees!

Dont think we have a Laxton superb at the phantom planters HQ, I planted one many years ago in my mates garden and its growing really well here, this one is looking amazing, it even has tiny apples starting!

Love all these different types of apples growing in the estate, whats good about our orchards is we have that many different varieties that we will have apples ripening at different times ready to eat straight of the tree from early August till late Autumn!

Love learning and observing all this nature stuff, I did a post the other day and an arborist commented saying about how my method of planting is wrong and that new science is suggesting planting in a mound above the ground sightly and that in many years time my trees will basically suffer which I have had 3 fruit trees out of thousands die so far on me which I think is not bad going!

But the next day I had been invited for afternoon tea with the Gentry on an island to meet a 90 year old tree planter who has planted an island of trees and has RHS awards and also has many other awards for tree planting, he showed around his island which I was quite blown away to be honest with what he has done, I was amazed at what one man can achieve in a lifetime, it was so inspiring for me!

But I was keen to ask him his method of planting as this is a man who has lived a lifetime of planting trees, did he have any special way or so on planting a tree I wanted to know,

I said to him did he mound the trees in anyway, he looked at me oddly saying what do you mean a mound in this real aristocratic voice, I just put them in the ground he said!

I looked around at this vast forest of trees, from giant redwoods to eucalyptus, hundreds of different varieties that he planted himself and thought here's a man thats lived this and theres nothing wrong with my method of planting at all.

My advice is and always will be when planting a tree is just make sure its the right way up! Nature will let you know whether it wants the tree to be there or not, trees are a living thing with a mind of their own, they know what to do to survive, so many over complicate it I think, guess thats what Universities have to do though, spread out something so simple like making sure its the right way up and water to some 3 year long process of how to plant a tree, they're good at that alright, like one of my Gurus said its gone that far that soon enough they will have a specialist for each tooth in your head, its all conformity really, people spending a lifetime with heads in a book, the system knows full well that if these types of genus brain boxes went out and done something in life of they're own backs they'd probably change the world for the better overnight!

The world needs people with brains and balls right now! 

I'm glad I was a rebel at school!

#communityspirit #paramilitrees #phantomplanter 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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