Pears starting at the phantom planters HQ!

Pears starting to appear at the phantom planters HQ, love watching this from start to finish, first time I seen this I was amazed, I couldn't believe the flower turned into the fruit, you can actually see in the pic that the end furry bit on an apple and pear is what use to be the flower and if the bees dont pollinate each one of these flowers we have no fruit, respect to the bee's!

All our streets and estates should be full of fruit trees, we all need to educate ourselves on growing our own foods, food is our fuel and most of the foods being produced these days are profit driven and contaminated and our bodies and minds run much better on good clean organic foods and even better again when we grow them ourselves, its so rewarded and self fulfilling!

Let alone the price of food these days which is another reason why we should grow our own , I keep saying it, an organic apple is 50p today, a fully grown apple tree in 5 years can give a 1000 apples easily and lives for 100 years, how much will an apple be in 20 years time and they say moneys doesn't grow on trees!

All this agricultural land for sale should be bought up and made into community orchards and permaculture farms, places where we can all go and help out and have a sense of purpose growing and producing all our own foods.

Time we all got the finger out guys and start directing our time and energy where it really needs to be, everything passes and tomorrow always comes, its what you do now that is creating tomorrow, what you have done in the past brought you to where you are now!

Everything in life for me is habitual, they say lots of different things nowadays to account for why there is so much drink and drug abuse but for me it was habitual and the fact that society normalizes and glorifies it, I started smoking one cig a day then became 2 and before I knew it, it was 30 a day!

Went from one beer a day till nearly 20 a day, one line of peas and barely till a whole bag full, popping one pill a day until I was running around rattling with that many pills in me! 

It took years of practice before I was a master drink and drug taker, it was all habits that I created!

Now my new habits is nature and the purification of my body, mind and soul, I didnt go from a piss head to planter and chanter overnight, it took years of forcing myself to create new habits!

I heard this Buddha dude say before that our brains are wired with habits, its us that creates this wiring by how we think and act, we cant possibly unwire this overnight and rewire with new habits, our minds will blow, its impossible, its a slow process of disconnecting the old wiring and connecting up the new wiring!

I loved this analogy, I love listening to Buddhist monks, nearly every night I listen to them talk, they're very funny dudes thats seen this whole illusion of life for what it really is and they just sit back and laugh at it all!

Where would the world be without them, they are keeping the energies in balance big time in this crazy world!

#phantomplanter #pear #peartree #peartreeflower 

Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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