Robin Hood Oak Trees!!!

Check out my Robin Hood oak trees!!!

These are the acorns I went and collected from the Robin H

ood oak tree aka the Major oak in Sherwood Forest autumn past, they say Robin Hood hid in this tree at one time and now this oak trees offspring is going to be growing around the phantom planters HQ!

I never thought it was as easy as this to grow trees, find an acorn, stick it in soil and next year you'll have trees like this, its that simple and acorns can live for over a thousand years!

This works with nearly all tree seeds, some seeds need to be passed through the gut of a bird to help the seed germinate but the majority you can just put in soil and watch them grow!

Keep this in mind guys for this autumn coming and get yourselves a load of free trees!

Our native cherry stones work really well this way also with nearly 100% success rate, look out at the cherry blossoms now, only the white flowered cherry blossoms produce fruit, the famous pink ones are just ornamental!

Really do surprise myself at times how much I've been learing about nature.


Peace and love!

I challenge you to phantom plant a tree! Anywhere, anytime, any place.....


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